Nora Wall Lawyers Call For Dpp To Hand Over Documents


Lawyers for Nora Wall, the former nun who was falsely convicted of raping a 12 year old girl, are calling for the DPP to hand over certain documents.

The information is being sought by the Waterford native who is suing the state over alleged “fundamental failures” arising from her prosecution.

In 1999 Nora Wall became the first woman in Ireland to be convicted of rape – a conviction that was subsequently declared a miscarriage of justice.

It emerged that an alleged eye witness to the attack had fabricated her account and lied in evidence.

She’d been called at the trial against the instructions of the Director of Public Prosecutions who had found her statements unreliable.

The 65 year old is now suing the state for damages – her lawyers claim this inadvertent calling of the witness was akin to gross negligence – like taking out the wrong organ on the operating table.

Her legal team want DPP documents that may shed light on the Director’s assessment of the credibility of the witness and the alleged victim who gave similar statements despite claims they’d not discussed the case.

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