OPW Minister frustrated at lack of go ahead for Enniscorthy Flood Relief Scheme

The Minister of State for the OPW says he’s frustrated at the current wait time for projects like the Enniscorthy Flood Relief scheme to get the green light.

Junior Minister Patrick O’Donovan says legal requirements and red tape are standing in the way of the process getting started.

Residents in the town have been waiting almost 20 years for this project to get up and running as the plans wait for approval from the Minister of Public Expenditure Michael McGrath.

It’s believed the delay is down to the fear of litigation and appeals launched against the project down the line.

Speaking to South East Radio, Minister O’Donovan said he believes the current processes for starting schemes like this aren’t up to scratch.

“Some people can pop up like a jack in the box from Donegal, Leitrim or Galway and walk into Wexford County Council and lodge an objection to the Enniscorthy Flood scheme.

“That to me, is a process that just simply, in the whole context of climate change and how we need to respond in terms of community resilience, is just not fit for purpose.

“This is something that drastically needs to change.”

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