People Now Donating Less To Charity Says Survey


A survey by the Irish League of Credit Unions shows 62 percent of adults donate money to an Irish charity each month.

The “What’s Left” tracker survey show the average amount people hand over is 25 euro per-month.

The report shows that 9-in-10 people say they will now re-think where they donate their money due to recent controversies.

The CEO of the Irish League of Credit Unions is Kieron Brennan. He says donating cash through street donations or charity boxes is the most popular.

“Charitable donations are holding up pretty strong – 6 in 10 adults, 62 percent, are still donating” he said.

“The recession has meant that people have reduced the amount they give, and recent controversies…has meant that people donated less – and 20 percent of those who donate said that for the moment it has stopped them making a donation to charities” he added.


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