Plans To Open New Brewery In Enniscorthy


Plans are at an advanced stage for the opening of a new brewery in Enniscorthy.

The Blackstairs Brewing Company hope to begin production next year.

Enniscorthy is set to see a brewery return to the town after a lapse of almost sixty years when Letts Brewery closed in 1956.

The Blackstairs Brewing Company has plans to start producing beer commercailly at the Kilcannon Industrial Estate and is currently testing the market with some pilot brews.

Shoppers in Enniscorthy were sampled at one such testing in Enniscorthy on Saturday.

Joe Carroll of Blackstairs Brewing says there is a great brewing tradition in Wexford and he says they hope to capitalise on the upsurge in interest in micro brewing at present.

The plan is to scale up from the current 100 litres batch of red ale to a commercially viable production model in the summer of 2015.

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