Possible Ebola Victim In Donegal


The family of a man at the centre of an Ebola scare say they first heard he may have contracted the virus from the media.

Test results are due back from the HSE later today, to determine whether or not Dessie Quinn from Mountcharles in Co. Donegal had contracted Ebola in West Africa.

The 43 year old died after returning from Sierra Leone, where he was working as an engineer.

His remains were taken to Letterkenny hospital, where blood tests are being carried out.

Infection control procedures are in place – and the HSE says the risk of transmission of any disease is extremely low.

Parish Priest of Mountcharles, Fr Adrian Gavigan, says Mr. Quinn had been suffering from malaria and that’s what the family had thought caused his death.

Fr Gavigan told Highland Radio that he was angry at how the family found out about the Ebola investigation.

“We heard this news flash around six o’clock yesterday evening that there was to be an investigation. Up that that we believed malaria was the cause” he said.

“I certainly was very angry yesterday evening that the nation was told before the family that there was going to be an investigation” he added.

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