Savile Abuse At Uk Hospitals Outlined


Reports detailing the abuse Jimmy Savile carried out at hospitals in the UK show the entertainer abused patients, visitors and staff at public hospitals for almost 50 years.

At one of them – Leeds General Infirmary – the investigation has found his victims ranged from 5-year-olds to people in their 70s.

Staff there were told about some of the incidents but none of the allegations reached managers.

There were “incredibly harrowing and disturbing” allegations from a witness that Savile had boasted about sexually abusing bodies in the hospital’s mortuary.

Two unrelated witnesses told the inquiry that he wore huge rings made from the glass eyes of deceased patients at the hospital.

Savile died aged 84 in October 2011, a year before a TV documentary aired claims that he had sexually abused children.

Scotland Yard launched Operation Yewtree – its formal criminal investigation into his crimes – in October 2012.

Around 600 people came forward to provide information, with 450 complaints directly related to Savile.

Julian Hartley is the current CEO of Leeds Hospital.

“My first reaction when reading the report is one of tremendous sadness that this was allowed to happen” he said.

“Huge sympathy for the victims, as well as anger, that this individual used the NHS and his celebrity status to exploit and abuse our patients, staff and public” he added.

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