Sfpa Identifies Further Apparently Illegal Fishing At Kilmore Quay


A Kilmore Quay fishing vessel has been apprehended over an unrecorded over quota fish catch

The Sea Fisheries Prtection Authority has issued a statement saying the incident happened after talks had agreed a solution to the problem

The fishing vessel concerned is one of a fleet that had provided an affidavit to the Sea Fisheries Protection Authortiy that it would comply with regulations

It was on this basis the vessel was permitted to return to sea having been impounded for earlier breaches

In a statement issued today the SFPA says the vessels log recorded a monkfish catch as discarded at sea

but on inspection the fish were present in the hold boxed and iced

The SFPA the had got a written affidavit from the vessles owner and it was on this basis the fleet was allowed to return to sea

Non recording of catches retained onboard and the landing of fish over quota is a serious infringement and the SFPA is now preparing a case file detailing this landing for submision to the DPP

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