South East Radio Bingo – Massive €16,000 Jackpot!

South East Radio Bingo

Next weeks South East Radio Bingo Jackpot is a whopping €16,000! What would you do if you won €16,000?

You could:

  • Get a brand spanking new kitchen with new appliances and probably have change over.
  • Go on an all expenses paid holiday of a lifetime.
  • Build an extension to your home.
  • Help your daughter or son with their wedding bill.
  • Have bumper Christmas for you and your family.
  • …….. you fill in the blanks!!
One thing is for sure, if you are not in you cant win! Pick up a €4 bingo book at one of the 140 stockists around the county. Sit back in the comfort of your living room and tune in to South East Radio each weekday ( and of course Jackpot Tuesday:) )  at 10am, 12noon, 5pm and 7pm to play.
Eyes down to win cash prizes everyday.
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