Ministers are meeting this morning to discuss the State’s contingency plans in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

They’ve been called back early for a Cabinet briefing, as concerns grow the Dáil might have to pass over 40 pieces of legislation between now and March.

As the Brexit deadline of March 29th looms, government department and agencies here are ramping up their efforts for a no deal scenario.

Secretaries General of all government departments are holding regular Brexit meetings.

In December, the government published a 130 page contingency plan document outlining just how disruptive a no deal could be for Ireland and its profound political, economic and legal implications.

Already, 3,000 people have applied for 600 customs officer posts – if there’s a No Deal, these positions will need to be filled more quickly.

Ministers are back from their Christmas break and will be briefed at a cabinet meeting this morning on how government agencies are preparing, the latest developments in Westminster, and the Dail work underway on the necessary pieces of no deal legislation.

The Dáil may have to pass over 40 pieces of legislation in the first three months of this year, meaning other non urgent Dail business could be postponed.

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