If you are the daily winner phone the claim line on 053-9145200 any time up to 8pm on the day the numbers are called.

The jackpot starts at €3,000 and increases by €500 each week until it reaches a maximum of €30,000 when the jackpot is frozen until it is won.

No claims will be valid after 8pm on the day on which the relevant numbers are called.

In the event of there being more than one claim on any one day, the prize in question will be divided equally between all winners. If there are no claims the daily prize will be carried forward to the following day.

South East Radio staff are not eligible to participate in South East Radio Bingo.

Complete one or more full panels on your bingo book for the relevant day in play and you win or share the prize allocated for that day. There is no extra prize for having more then one panel completed.

Players are bound by the Terms & Conditions of South East Radio Bingo.

South East Radio Bingo reserves the right to use winners’ names for publicity purposes.

Claim Line Number: 053-9145200. Call before 8pm to claim.

Carried out under license, issued by Wexford District Court.

Bingo book stockists Countywide

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