Three men sentenced over abduction and torture of Kevin Lunney

A judge who presided over the Kevin Lunney abduction trial has said the maximum penalty for such a crime should be reserved for whoever “organised or financed” it.

A combined total of seventy years in prison was handed down today to three men who abducted and tortured the director of Quinn Industrial Holdings two years ago.

The longest sentence handed down today was to a man we can’t name by order of the court. Referred to simply as YZ, he was jailed for 30 years.

The court was satisfied that he was the “ringleader” on the day of the abduction and it was accepted that he dished out most of the beating inflicted on Kevin Lunney.

The driver of a car used to ram into Mr Lunney’s was jailed for 25 years. Alan O’Brien, from East Wall in Dublin, also restrained Mr Lunney in the back of another car that was used to transport him to the yard in Cavan where he was tortured.

A third man, 27yo Darren Redmond, also from East Wall, was jailed for 15 years for the role he played in what was described as a “meticulously planned” operation.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt said the maximum penalty of life imprisonment for a crime like this should be reserved for those who organise and finance it.

Gardaí say their investigation into what happened to Mr Lunney is ongoing.


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