Ukraine update as latest talks described as ‘pretty good’

At least three residential blocks have been hit during a fresh round of attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv overnight.

There are also reports of further attacks on the city’s main metro stations, but there is no word on casualties.

It comes as the US says that Russia’s military advances have essentially stalled as they’ve failed to gain air superiority or control of any major cities.

Talks between both sides resume again today.

Ukraine’s President gave an upbeat assessment of discussions yesterday saying they were ‘pretty good’.

In a video address, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s also called on Russian troops directly to end the fighting and spare themselves.

Attempts to evacuate people from cities in Ukraine are expected to continue later today.

Nine humanitarian corridors are due to open.

Loud explosions have been heard in the capital city Kyiv this morning.

Elsewhere, the British government’s announced new economic sanctions on Russia, including banning the exports of some luxury goods to the country.

There’ll also be a hike on import tariffs on a range of products, including Russian vodka.

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