Updated guidance: Facemasks no longer mandatory in schools, shops or public transport

Asymptomatic close contacts of Covid cases are no longer required to test, self isolate or restrict their movements, unless they work in healthcare.

Under updated guidance that comes into effect today, facemasks are no longer mandatory in schools, shops or on public transport.

However, public health officials have advised people to use their own judgement on the use of masks in public settings.

Sage Advocacy says the lifting of the facemasks rule today could be a source of concern for some older people.

It says as they will no longer be mandatory, some could be anxious about returning to their pre-pandemic way of life.

Sage Advocacy has warned it knows from its advocacy work with older people, vulnerable adults and healthcare patients, many people are feeling anxious about the removal of mandatory mask wearing.

It says it’s very important as we all get used to the next phase of living with Covid-19 that we remember some are more concerned than others about the return to a more ‘normal’ everyday life.

It says the pandemic has adversely impacted older people and some of them have concerns about going shopping or to indoor venues like pubs and restaurants or using public transport.

It believes people need to be given the time and space to adjust to doing things they enjoyed before the pandemic.

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