Vaccine passports can give the wrong impression with false certs on the go – Hynes

An independent councillor says there are concerns that the vaccine passport can give people the wrong impression.

A number of businesses in the county have come out against the Digital Covid Cert as they say it only indicates vaccination status and not if the person currently has the virus.

Gardai last month also warned that fake Covid passes were being sold online and anyone caught with a forged pass could face a €2,000 fine and/or a month in prison.

Speaking to South East Radio, Councillor Davy Hynes says people are taking advantage of the pass.

“This thing about people are able to copy a cert and bring it into a nightclub, it’s too easy.

“There will have to be a way found that if you have been vaccinated that people can know, by producing whatever it is, digital or whatever.

“This one can’t be false and it’s can’t give out the wrong impression.”

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