Varadkar Says He Has No More Money For Irish Rail


The Transport Minister says he has no more money left for Irish Rail and that the financial situation of the company is very serious.

Leo Varadkar says he does not want to have to consider line closures and redundancies, but adds that cost savings have to be made.

Dozens of rural lines could be at risk of closure because they are so under-used.

A cost-cutting plan at the firm was rejected by unions.

It comes as Wexford Deputy Mayor Labour Councillor Joe Ryan recently raised fears over the Rosslare to Wexford line and it’s possible closure.

He said the Government should be making better use of it through the transportation of freight and ferry passengers to and from the port.

Minister Varadkar is hoping Irish Rail will not go bust in the next couple of years.

“Well the government can’t do anymore than it has – the company was already bailed out two years ago – to the tune of 36 million – on the understanding that things would change” he said.

“And since then, it hasn’t been possible to get the cost savings that are necessary – so I have no more money for Irish Rail” he added.

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