Water charges may have to be considered to invest in water services – Sullivan

A local councillor says water charges may have to be looked at the by government once again

It’s after the EPA found that there were abject failures relating to incidents of unclean water entering the supply in Gorey last August.

52 people became ill after a pump failure at the Creagh Water Treatment plant went unnoticed for a week.

It’s been suggested that more investment in Irish Water would reduce the amount of incidents such as this in the future.

Fianna Fail Councillor for the Gorey region Joe Sullivan says the return of water charges might have to be considered if quality can be assured.

“It goes without saying that we need huge infrastructural development in water and water supplies and I do believe fair minded people are quite prepared to pay for water if they’re getting good quality and good service.

“There’s a large amount of people who have said to me recently that ‘we’ve no problem paying a certain amount of water charges, provided we can be guaranteed a good service.’

“I think this may be something that the government may have to look at again.”

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