Water Charges To Begin On Wednesday


The Commission for Energy Regulation says it is looking to reassure the public over the introduction of water charges.

Tomorrow (1st October) sees the start of the billing system, but charges will be capped until next June.

People living under boil water notices will not have to pay for their supply while it is affected, but they will still have to pay for waste water services.

Paul McGowan from the CER says people who have no meter on their supply will have to pay an ‘assessed charge’ for now, and properties which have had a meter installed will not have to pay more than that.

“If you have a meter than your charges are going to be capped at that assessed charge for nine months” he said.

“So if your meter is already installed, then it wouldn’t be until June of next year that you would be facing a full metered charge”.

“It can’t go any higher than the assessed charge, and if in fact your metered consumption is lower you’ll get a rebate” he added.

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