Work on the replacement of Wexford Quays boardwalk is underway.

But the replacement of it with tarmacadam is not without its detractors.

Work started this week on the replacement of the boardwalk which formed part of the attraction of Wexford new quayside which opened 18 years ago.

The replacement is due to the poor state of repairs the boardwalk had fallen into in recent years where the timber boards had become loose and warped.

However there is criticism of the decision to replace the boardwalk with tarmacadam.

A group calling itself Friends of Wexford Quays and Heritage have taken to social media to highlight what is happening.

These people on Wexford quayfront gave their reaction this morning to what is happening.

A boardwalk has been a feature of Wexford quayfront for over a century and a quarter and the present structure replaced the old woodenworks which had a preservation order placed on it in 1986.

The boardwalk is favourite place to walk for many locals and visitors alike and its background provides a working dock for local fishermen.

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