Wexford man wins national award for beach cleaning efforts

A Wexford man has been recognised as an Ocean Hero for his work in cleaning up the coastline in his area.

Sean Ferguson from Ballymoney took home first place in the #2minutebeachclean Leader Award category from Clean Coasts.

The award celebrates volunteers who use social media and direct action to empower, educate, inspire, and enable others to contribute to the planet’s wellbeing.

The Wexford Sub Aqua Group and Wexford Estuary Group were also shortlisted in the national competition.

Speaking to South East Radio, Sean says the council can only do so much and he helps out because he loves the area.

“I’m super proud to be from Wexford, even more proud to be Irish and it just gets on my wick that I see rubbish on the beach.

“I’m walking on the beach anyway with my dog or going swimming so it’s as easy to pick up and put it in the bag that I carry than to just leave it there.”

Sean also says that broken glass is one of the more common sights on Wexford beaches this year.

“Some rubbish is left by accident and some is left there on purpose. The reasons still astound me why people would leave stuff on the beach.

“This year I found a ridiculous amount of broken glass and I can’t get my head around why people would leave glass on a beach.

“Humans and animals come here to relax and have fun with their families so it’s just nuts.”

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