Wexford Rape Crisis centre sees 263% increase in new referrals since 2013

Wexford Rape Crisis Centre has seen a 263% increase in new referrals since 2013.That figure comes in Wexford Rape crisis Centre’s 2021 report on domestic sexual and gender-based violence.

The centre offers support services for those who may have been affected by domestic, sexual or gender-based violence.

Speaking to Alan Corcoran on ‘Morning Mix’ Manager of Wexford Rape Crisis centre Clare Williams says the figures for 2022 increased again. “if you remember it was around October 2021 when restrictions were lifted. We here at the centre saw a surge in the demand for our services which has continued. In 2022, the figures have increased again by another 50%. The surge in demand is continuing and while the government are putting a spotlight on the issue I think more of a spotlight needs to be put on it and more supports need to be put in place”.

You can contact Wexford Rape Crisis Centre on 1800 33 00 33. For counselling queries please e-mail:support@wexfordrapecrisis.com


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