Wexford Rates Highly For Treatment For Alcohol Abuse


Treatment for alcohol abuse in County Wexford is one of the highest in the country.

That’s according to county by county data on the health of the nation and published in today’s Irish Examnier newspaper.

Wexford is one of seven counties in the country where treatment for alcohol abuse reaches to over 200 per 100,000 of the population

This is almost four times higher than the county with the lowest rate, Clare.

In the health of the nation survey Wexford also has the fourth highest suicide rate in the country while the county has the third lowest rate of prostate cancer.

Over eighty per cent of people in Wexford stated they were in either good or very good health.

Out of a total population of over 145,000 people just over 20,000 say they are living with a disability.

County Wexford also has above the national average of people who are termed obese.

Fifteen per cent of the citizens of Wexford fall into this category while the national average is thirteen per cent.

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