Youth mental health service down another staff member in Wexford

Following yesterdays announcement of the Psychologist position in CAMHs being turned down – The Child Adolescent and Mental Health Service in Wexford is now down another member of staff.

A child social worker at the facility who has been in the post for 8 years has left the position.

Tireless campaigner for mental health services in Wexford, and parent who uses the service of CAMHs, Raymond Shannon says the centre is extremely understaffed.

“Its two and a half years since the psychologist left the post.

“If CAMHS was fully staffed it should have 26 staff in total in Wexford

“The Child Social Worker, who has ben in the post for 8 years, has left the position yesterday.

“That’s leaving CAMHs with just 3 full time members of staff.

“We only have a part-time speech and language therapist.

“We have an occupational therapist that works just 4 days a week.

“It is highly understaffed.

“Our children are struggling and our children need the services of psychology.”

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