The number of people awaiting trial in Ireland without being granted bail is on the rise.

33 people in total are being held being bars before their court case begins – that is up 31 on 2012.

According to the report, published by the Irish Daily Star, five people have also been charged with murder so far this year without being granted bail.

That number is also up on last year.

Among those awaiting trial for murder are Graham Dwyer, charged with the murder of Elaine O’ Hara and Saviero Bellante charged with the gruesome murder of Tom O’ Gorman in Castleknock.

Crime Correspondent with The Irish Daily Star,Michael O’Toole says the reason for the rise in figures is the number of murders so far this year.

“I suppose more people than ever are being charged with murder” he said.

“Now the way the courts work – people appear on murder charged in the District Court and the District Court doesn’t have power to release them on bail, that’s only a matter for the High Court”.

“So they’re automatically put on remand in prison and most of the remand prisoners for murder would be in Cloverhill; and there have five people brought into custody this year alone charged with murder, and none of those have got bail” he added.


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