Further Questioning For Crc Board


The former board of the Central Remedial Clinic could face further questioning over salary top ups and pension packages.

The head of the Public Accounts Committee John McGuinness, says questions remain unanswered in relation to transparency and operations at the CRC.

Chief Executive Paul Kiely was paid 742,000 euro from charity funds when he stepped down in 2012.

Our Political Editor Shane Coleman says it is unclear yet what more the PAC can uncover.

“There’s still lots of unanswered questions in relation tot he CRC and I think certainly they’re going to try and get the entire board in” he said.

“Now whether or not those board members are going to be agreeable and what powers of compellability they will ultimately be proven to have I suppose we’ll wait and see on that”.

“But the other interesting thing is…where the PAC go next, and do they now turn the focus on these Section 39 charities – 330 charities who got over a quarter of a million euro in State funding” he added.

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