Blaze at Wexford General Hospital

Emergency services have been battling a fire at Wexford General Hospital. South East Radios Bronagh Gately and Alan Corcoran have been updating us live from the scene.

Fire units from the across the county are at the scene of the blaze and they have it under control. There have been no casualties and all patients have been evacuated to a day ward.

Ray Murphy, fire officer at the scene spoke to South East Radio. He said they are happy they have it well contained with no “asbestos or other chemical run off risk”. He said that a piece of machinery is most likely the cause of the fire.

Wexford County Council have been advising everyone to avoid the area due to traffic congestion and air quality. Anyone living in the vicinity has been asked to close all windows and doors and to turn off air ventilation units.

Wexford hospital have asked that people do not attend the hospital today until further notice.

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