Cabinet Minister Calls Mcconville Murder A ‘war Crime’


A Cabinet minister has described the killing of Jean McConville as a ‘war crime’.

Joan Burton’s comments come as the PSNI continues to question Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams over the 1972 abduction and killing – in which he insists he had no part.

The Social Protection Minister says the mother of 10 was ‘executed’, and ‘her body was treated like that of a dog’.

Sinn Fein members have hit out at the timing of the move to detain Gerry Adams overnight, alleging it’s politically motivated.

Joan Burton says she does not want to comment on the police proceedings – however she is not happy with the Sinn Fein reaction.

“I do think that there are certain standards in relation to war crimes that they actually have to acknowledge and they have to address – and I think Mr. Adams has to address those issues as well” she said.

“Notwithstanding the police procedures which are underway, I would like to see all of the people involved in that war crime brought to justice” she added.

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