Noonan Wants To Cut Taxes Over Next Two Budgets


The Finance Minister says he will cut taxes for workers over the next two budgets, and hopes to begin doing so this year.

Michael Noonan has told Fine Gael local election candidates that the easing of the tax load on middle-income workers is a top priority.

At the launch of the local election campaign for the party, he has said all the recent data signals a modest economic recovery.

And he says he wants to cut the tax burden and that he wants to start doing so in the Budget this October.

“On an income of 32,800, people go on the higher rate of income tax – so it’s the priority of the government to address that and to lift that figure” he said.

“Whatever resources we have available over the next two budgets we will do that – and I hope that we will be able to start the job in the budget in mid-October” he added.

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