Congratulations to Catherine Tierney and Niamh Maloney, our August Winners of the Outstanding Achievement Award

South East Radiotherapy Trust is in operation for over six years, helping patients to travel comfortably from all over the South East region to Whitfield in Waterford for their radiotherapy treatments, five days a week. This service, financed solely from voluntary contributions, not only helps the patients, but also their families, by relieving some of the pressure associated with travelling every day. None of this would be possible without the amazing energy, time and care Niamh and Catherine put into the service. They are two dedicated volunteers who enjoy making a difference in the lives of people going through a hard time.

Catherine and Niamh prepare the monthly schedules for all the volunteering drivers and ensure everything runs smoothly. This is not an easy task as they deal with so many people, both  volunteers and patients, in the course of providing the service. With the support of ex-patients and people around Wexford, they can continue to offer the service to anybody who needs it.

Those who travel on the buses form bonds with many becoming friends. Most importantly they give each other much needed support.

The volunteer drivers are the people who witness the hardship the patients have to face and they are the first to praise the existence of the South East Radiotherapy Trust and the great work of Catherine and Niamh. The drivers enjoy the drive to Waterford, with everybody joking and having fun, but then the way back is always different and that is when the support and bonding really matters.

In support of this service functions are frequently organised either by people who used to travel on the buses, or by volunteers working for the trust.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Catherine and Niamh, two wonderful ladies who give so much to their peers, and make a huge difference in the community.

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