Enniscorthy Woman’s Appeal Against Unlawful Killing Sentence Deferred


Enniscorthy woman Eleanor Joel’s appeal against her 230 community service sentence for unlawfully killing her mother by neglect has been deferred.

This is because lawyers representing her claimed one of the judges assigned to the case may be biased against her.

Eleanor Joel and her partner Jonathon Costen, with last addresses at Cluain Dara, Enniscorthy, were found guilty at Wexford Circuit Court in March 2013 for unlawful killing by neglect of her mother Eleanor Joel in January 2006.

They appealed their sentence of 230 hours of community service which was due to be heard by the Court Of Appeal yesterday.

However before proceedings began Mr Justice George Bermingham said the court had received a letter from the solicitor of Ms Joel.

Justice Bermingham said that when Mr Justice John Edwards was assigned to sit on the court he and his colleagues in the court of Appeal had no problem with Jusitce Edwards previous involvement in a judicial review matter.

But the case was put back to May 15th with a view to fixing a date for the hearing which may not happen until October.

Eleanor Joel and Jonathon Costen were present in court for the application.

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