‘Feed A Cold, Starve A Fever’ But Does It Actually Work? 

You’ve heard your mum say it a million times, but does it actually work?

Dietitian Maria Lucey says we should be extra careful when we are under the weather and has these 3 top tips.


1. Nutrition

“It is never a good idea for us to restrict our food, especially when we feel sick,” she says. “The truth is, our bodies need calories to heal when we are sick, so we should be eating.”

Focus on foods that are high in nutrients and will give you the energy you need.

“I always say, we are what we eat. We are constantly rebuilding muscles and cells, so what we put into our body today will affect us.”

2. Eat All The Colours Of The Rainbow

In terms of staying healthy, variety is the spice of life!

“Looking at your immune system, you need to be eating a balanced diet. You don’t want to be cutting anything out or being on a restrictive diet because that can have an impact on your immune system.”

3. Drink Up!

“I think lemon water, in particular, has a ‘halo effect’ because all of the celebrities drink it, but if you bring it to basics, it is fluid and there is fluid and there is a bit of vitamin C in there, but it is by no means a miracle cure. If somebody is quite elderly or frail, they are better off drinking a glass of milk and getting vitamins and minerals and protein.

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