Less than 5 cases of Covid reported in Wexford yesterday

Less than 5 cases of Covid-19 were reported in Wexford yesterday.

The 14 day incidence rate for the County now stands at 40.4

Under 50 cases were reported in the Model County in the last two weeks.

Just 48 new cases of the virus were confirmed over 14 days.

Meanwhile, 474 new cases were confirmed nationwide last night along with 3 additional deaths.

Professor Julien Mercille, from the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group, believes as the Country opens up, we will see a rise in cases of Covid-19.

“When we reopen and things are under control and we have very low number of cases thats one thing.

“Maybe things are stable and we can open and hope that things remain stable.

“But when we reopen with the level of cases that we have, there is a significant likelihood that they can go up again.”

Last night an announcement was made about the next phase in reopening the country.

The government is examining the return of international travel in July as part of the EU green pass system.
While no firm dates have been set the measure will be considered next month if the wider easing of restrictions goes well.
A pilot programme for large sporting events and gigs is also set to be trialled over the summer.
Taoiseach Micheál Martin says there will be consideration given to international travel over the coming months.
“What we do understand it is more about the aviation industry, to give it certainty and to give these people a timeline, to work with our European colleagues in terms of developing an EU travel framework.
That is what the focus is one.
“I’m not saying anything yet that it is possible, it may very well be and its something we are going to look at.”
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