Pilot programme to trial gigs and festivals this summer

A pilot programme is set to examine the return of large sporting events, gigs and festivals over the summer.

The government is preparing to host trial events to see how they can be safely managed before everyone is vaccinated.

The new plan for easing restrictions also suggests nightclubs could return towards the end of the year.

Culture Minister Catherine Martin says they will be trialing the return of large events soon.

“The next stage of following the guidelines is the pilot and I want to see those happening during the summer.

“We will have to think of what venues we will have will select, capacity, where we are with the health situation.

“It is complex. Everything from planning to how you get to the events, crowd management, the delivering of the sporting event.

“We have seen other European countries for example Barcelona do something similar so I’m sure the expert group will look at whats being done and will deliver it safely.”

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Photo credit: commons.wikimedia

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