N-plates For New Drivers From Next Month


Newly qualified motorists will be branded ‘novice’ drivers from next month.

They will be trading in their ‘L’ plates for ‘N’ plates, which they will have to display for two years once they get their licence.

They will face restrictions on some areas of driving.

It is aimed at improving the behaviour of newly qualified drivers.

However David Fay – who is an instructor with the Irish School of Motoring – is not sure how it will work.

“People take off the ‘L’ plate, they’re driving around on their own – so the ‘N’ plate I think the same thing is going to happen” he said.

“Even though there is going to be fines and penalty points for them – people in their nature will kind of say ‘Well I’ve passed my test now, why should I wear an ‘N’ plate now for the next two years” he added.

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