Presentation Students campaign to get zebra crossing

Presentation students in Wexford have started a campaign to get zebra crossing installed on Grogan’s Road.

The students are currently participating in an active campaign both inside and outside the school ground to get the Presentation School a Zebra Crossing.The students are concerned over the dangers that come with crossing one of the town’s busiest roads each day.

After years of inaction they have begun a campaign to get a zebra crossing installed outside of the school entrance. In the process, they hope to make life safer for all those going to and from the Presentation.

Ruby Crosbie, Ella Barry, Abbey Currid, and Faye Dalton Kehoe are on the school’s student council. They have been busily collecting signatures as they prepare to present a petition to Wexford County Council.

Speaking about The Presentation School zebra crossing on ‘Morning Mix’ 2nd year student Faye Kehoe who is one of the younger members of the council says everyone seems to be in favour of the zebra crossing. The 14 year old said ” I know people can say it would be bad for traffic but I’m 100% sure parents would rather wait an extra 5 minutes in the morning than wait in a  funeral home”. Every other Secondary School in the town has a zebra crossing but the Presentation doesn’t.

A few years ago there was another attempt to get a zebra crossing outside of the school but that attempt was unsuccessful. Transition year student Ruby Crosbie said “there has been a few close accidents since then. I know 1st years are especially worried when they come to the school”.

To hear the full interview with Presentation Students Ruby Crosbie and Faye Kehoe on ‘Morning Mix’ you can tune into the podcast here:



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