Presentation Students Step Up Campaign to get Zebra Crossing Outside School

Presentation students in Wexford are campaigning to get zebra crossing installed on Grogan’s Road.

The students are concerned over the dangers that come with crossing one of the town’s busiest roads each day.

After years of inaction they have begun a campaign to get a zebra crossing installed outside of the school entrance halfway between the students entrance and the teacher’s entrance. They hope it will make life safer for all those going to and from the school.

Speaking on ‘Morning Mix’ 2nd year student Faye Kehoe says everyone seems to be in favour of the zebra crossing and says ” I know people are saying it might be bad for traffic but I know 100% of parents would rather wait 5 minutes in the morning than wait in a funeral home”.

Transition year student Ruby Crosbie “there have been a few close accidents over the years and it is a major issue in the area. It’s a worry especially for 1st years coming into the school”.

The students involved in the campaign have called to local residents who they say are also in favour of the move.

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