Spotlight Shone On County Wexford Class Sizes


Over one quarter of primary school class sizes in County Wexford contain over thirty pupils.

That’s according to Department of Education figures published today.

The average class size in the county is 25.5 pupils with 26.1 per cent of those with classes of over thirty.

The Department of Education say they have maintained the pupil teacher ratio this year despite a growth of of 10,000 new pupils.

Brendan McCabe is President of the Irish Primary Principal’s Network.

He says proper planning – which reflects uneven population growth – needs to be put in place.

“The population is rising, there’s no doubt about that” he said.

“However, the fact is it’s not rising at an even level right across the country – there are areas where it’s actually decreasing, while in other areas it’s absolutely blooming”.

“That’s probably what makes the planning for schools that little bit more difficult” he added.

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