Support for school kids most important now masks are in place

A Wexford principal says kids need to receive clear messaging from the adults around them as we fight Covid 19 this winter.

Primary schools across the country this week saw the introduction of mask wearing for children in third class and up as a way to stop the virus spreading.

Speaking to South East Radio, teacher in Carrigduff National School Carolyn Goode says while there was some nervousness before hand, the implementation went very well overall.

She says now, the adults need to stop the debates and support the kids in whatever way they can.

“Kids need to feel safe and in order to do that, they need the adults around them to give them clear messaging and to build their resilience.

“The message we wanted to send was ‘we got this’. I know it’s going to be tough but we can do this.

“We will put into place what we need to do to support you so you can do this.”

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