Taoiseach Surprised By Low Return On High Scratch-card Sales


The Taoiseach says he was surprised to hear that Rehab made less than 10,000 euro profit on scratch card sales of almost 4 million euro in one year.

The figures were released by the Justice Minister last night as he defended his decision to end the charitable lotteries scheme.

Mr. Kenny says he believes that a Charities Regulator will help ensure public confidence. And he says every charity needs to explain themselves at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

“All of them will be called before the PAC, and all of the details insofar as public support and public monies are concerned will be dealt with” he said.

“They must all be treated in the same fashion; fully transparent, fully accountable, fully answerable to the public where public monies are involved – and where public monies are not involved, that’s it’s all laid out there so that the public who donate know that their monies are going for what was intended” he added.

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