Ten new faces on Wexford County Council

The make up of Wexford County Council for the coming five years is now complete

Fianna Fail is still the largest party in the council but they have lost three seats going from 12 down to 9

Fine Gael has lost one seat going from 9 down to 8

The big winners are Independents who now hold eleven seats on the council, five of whom are part of the Independent Alliance

There were seven Independents in the last council

Sinn Fein, Labour and Aontu remain with the same representation having three, two and one seat respectively

There are no new members from Fianna Fail, three new members from Fine Gael, five new Independents and one new member from both Labour and Sinn Fein

The number of women on the new council remains at six

The eleven newcomers are Pat Kehoe  Robbie Staples, Darragh McDonald Fine Gael,    Marty Murphy, Raymond Shannon,  Nicky Boland, Paddy Kavanagh, John Dwyer Independents,

Aoife Rose O’Brien Sinn Fein, Catherine Biddy Walshe Labour

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