Wexford related issue faces tomorrows incoming Executive at Stormont

Stormont party leaders are meeting today to discuss priorities for an incoming Executive.

The DUP’s agreed to return to power-sharing – and tomorrow, the assembly will sit for the first time in two years.

Issues that need urgent attention include spiraling hospital waiting lists, and public sector pay strikes.

Labour Party spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Brendan Howlin, told South East Radio that he is glad that there is finally an outcome:

“I described it as Groundhog day as there were so many discussions with no outcome. Now we know tomorrow there will be an outcome and there will be a Speaker selected, a First Minister and an Executive appointed.

This is a wonderous achievement as we do need a functioning Executive in Northern Ireland.

For far too long the institutions that were developed painstakingly under the Good Friday Agreement have not worked.”

However, there is a Wexford related issue tomorrow for the vote that is set to take place at 1pm.

One of the Members of the Legislative Assembly is due in Stormont to vote on the election of Deputy First Minister. Justin Mc Nulty who is also manager of the Laois Football Team is then due in Wexford Park for the Laois clash against Wexford at 6pm.

Deputy Howlin said that there has been talks of getting a helicopter for Mr. McNulty to get him to the match on time.

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