Calls for Garda led drugs task force in Wexford

Wexford is facing a surge in violent incidents and anti-social behavior, including assaults, robberies, and drug-related incidents.

Last week a syringe was found by a parent outside of a Wexford Town primary School while robberies and an attack with a hammer were reported on Wexford Main Street.

As a result, local officials are proposing various solutions to address the issues.

Speaking to South East Radio at the weekend, Independent Councillor Leonard Kelly has called for the formation of a Garda led drug task force to tackle the drug-related incidents in the town. He has also called for input from local community groups, the HSE, business owners and the council.

The aim is to increase resources and provide support to both drug users and impacted communities.

Mr. Kelly says that we need to “acknowledge that there is an issue but then to work for solutions”.

Councillor Kelly has a motion down at the next District Council Meeting requesting that this task force be set up and he is urging his Council colleagues to back this motion.


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