Councillor says that “we can’t be led by private industry” when it comes to the maintenance of local roads in Rosslare, Wexford

Residents in the district of Rosslare have been left waiting for roads to be completed in the area.

Works that need to be carried out by solar farm companies have delayed much needed road resurfacing.

Local Councillor Jim Codd has blasted the situation and is calling for the roads to be prioritised.

Speaking to South East Radio news, the Councillor said:

“There are people in the area that I represent who have been waiting years for roads to be completed. We are being told we have to wait until the solar farms digs up the road and puts down the lines for electricity. But people can not be left indefinitely waiting for this. The solar farms seem to be a law unto themselves here. People cannot wait for roads to fall apart to be resurfaced.”

The Councillor added:

“I understand that solar farm companies have been closing roads without the adequate permission from the Council. We can’t be led by private industry. The Council is the governing body and the solar farms need to be told to hurry up so that roads can be resurfaced.”


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