Appeal for plaque commemorating the War dead to be returned

A plaque commemorating the young Irish people, who lost their lives fighting in World War 1, has been stolen.

The discovery was made on Saturday at Orchard Peace Park by the Enniscorthy Historical Re-enactment Society.

The society had planned on placing a wreath at the location, in what has become a yearly event to remember those who fought and died in the war.

Ray Murphy from the Enniscorthy Historical Re-enactment Society told South East Radio News about when they made the discovery:

“On Saturday morning our group went up to honor all those who fought and died in World War 1 from Enniscorthy. Low and behold as we approached it we saw that the plaque was missing. We don’t know how long it has been missing.”

Mr. Murphy said that they continued with their ceremony with the sound of the bells chiming from both of the churches in the town. He went on to say he hopes that it will be returned as it is of no use to anyone:

“Only the relatives of the people that fought and died in the war are the only people that would have an interest in it. I believe that there has been a lot of vandalism going on up there anyway and there needs to be a stop put to it.”

Councillor Jackser Owens has made an appeal for the plaque to be returned:

“The council don’t know anything about the plaque going missing so I am asking whoever has taken it to please return it.”

This latest act of antisocial behaviour comes after a string of reports of such behaviours in Enniscorthy.


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