Gorey school children are stars of RTÉjr science show

Children from Gorey Central school are the stars of the new season of RTEjr’s science series Let’s Find Out! 

The show, which is supported by Science Foundation Ireland, came to the school last year to film pairs of children performing their own science experiments and demonstrations! One of the presenters, Mark Langtry, also visited the school to film a fun quiz with a group of children.

The theme for this season is “Protecting Planet Earth” which sees the Gorey Central children using eggs to demonstrate how blubber helps sea mammals float. Some of the children played games to demonstrate food miles and recycling and another group crafted their own bees and butterflies to show how different pollinators are attracted to different plants.

The show is presented by scientists Amy Hassett and Mark Langtry and stars an alien called Zoom.

Writer and producer, Mary Murphy from stop.watch productions said “given all the restrictions to filming during the pandemic lockdown, it was brilliant to be able to visit and film with children in their own schools, thanks to a lot of work by the school staff”.

Dr Ruth Freeman, Director of Science for Society at Science Foundation Ireland, said: “We are delighted to support the return of Let’s Find Out to our TV screens. The show features fascinating scientific sites nationwide, including several of our SFI Discover Centres. Learning about our planet is vital to empower all of us as environmental custodians, and participating students had the opportunity for hands-on learning through experiments, demonstrations and quizzes. Very best of luck to Amy, Mark, Zoom and all the schools involved, we’re looking forward to watching!”

Suzanne Kelly, Head of Children’s & Young People’s Content RTÉ

Could science be any more fun? RTÉjr is thrilled to welcome back Mark, Amy & Zoom to our screens for more fun learning and hilarious adventures. Science is all about curiosity and discovery and how exciting it is that we here at RTÉjr get to play our part in opening minds and sparking questions about our planet and what we can do to help protect it. Enjoy & Stay Curious!!

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