The South East Technological University launches it’s first strategic plan

The plan outlines the university’s five-year aim and it’s commitment to the development of a new campus in Wexford. The plan, titled ‘Connecting for Impact’, sets out SETU’s ambitions over the coming years to establish itself as the anchor institution for the ongoing development of the south east.

In so doing, SETU aims to have long-term transformative impact on the south east region. This will be achieved by creating new educational opportunities for people in the region, contributing to developing the skills and capacity of the regional labour force, and driving regional innovation, which in turn will create high quality jobs and will help improve the quality of life for everyone.

The university’s priorities include access to higher education, supporting the student experience, developing a range of new courses, and significantly increasing the volume and impact of the university’s research. Expanding and improving physical and digital infrastructure across the university’s campuses are also key priorities. This includes, amongst other investments, the development of a new campus in Wexford, a University-Enterprise Quarter at the former Waterford Crystal Site on the Cork Road in Waterford and new buildings for the Carlow campus.

Speaking in advance of the launch, SETU President, Professor Veronica Campbell, said: “We’re delighted to launch this strategic plan, the first plan for our new university. People who read it will have no doubt about our ambitions for the university and the south east region. We see ourselves as an anchor institution, an important change agent that will be central to addressing regional challenges – especially those relating to the green and digital transitions. The full implementation of this plan will see us expand our campuses and facilities, develop new courses in areas of regional needs, deepen our international partnerships and greatly enhance what we are doing in research and innovation – all in support of the development of the south east.”

In relation to the plan for Wexford, Prof. Campbell said, “The plan outlines our commitment to the development of a new campus in Wexford. We look forward to working with Wexford County Council and other partners, towards the delivery of this exciting new development over the next five years. We are excited about the period ahead and this plan sets us up very well with a roadmap to deliver for the people of the region.”

Chair of the Governing Body and Chancellor of SETU, Professor Patrick Prendergast, expressed his thanks to Prof. Campbell and her team for delivering an ambitious plan. He added: “The Governing Body of the university wholeheartedly endorses this strategy as the best way to achieve the ambitions of SETU and deliver on what are rightly the high expectations of the region. These are exciting times for the south east region and SETU’s Governing Body looks forward to supporting and overseeing the implementation of the plan in the coming years.”

Dr Richard Hayes, Vice President for Strategy at SETU, also thanked those who contributed to the development of the plan. He said, “This plan is the culmination of six months of consultation and discussion both within the university, and between the university and external partners, including the Higher Education Authority (HEA), the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science (DFHERIS), the IDA, IBEC, the Southern Regional Assembly, regional local authorities, and many others. We thank our staff, our students, and all our stakeholders for joining in the collective effort to produce this ambitious plan. We look forward now to moving to implementation with the goal of transforming our university and our region in the time ahead.”

The plan is being launched in four centres across the south east region, with key partners of the university hosting the launch events.

  • The Wexford launch takes place in the Wexford Arts Centre on Monday, 22 May.
  • The Carlow launch will be hosted by Unum and takes place on Monday, 22 May.
  • The Kilkenny launch takes place in Tirlán in Kilkenny on Monday, 22 May.
  • SunLife in Waterford will host the Waterford launch on Tuesday, 23 May.
  • The Strategic Plan will be available on the university’s website from 22 May.
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