Wexford IFA Chair – Jer O’Mahony responds to MEP Mick Wallace

Today the Wexford IFA chair responded to stinging criticism from MEP Mick Wallace regarding the proposed Nature Restoration Law.

Mr O’Mahony spoke to Alan on Morning Mix and outlined his issues.

He stated that despite Mr. Wallace’s’ claims, Coillte play no part in the rewetting of land as “we are not rewetting forestland we are rewetting farmland.”

The chair went on to question the ‘farmers compensation fund’ asking why there is a need for such a fund if farmers are not going to be impacted.

“I would rather Mick Wallace held on to his compensation fund and someone just pay me the proper money for my animals or for my crops.”

He finished up by saying that he has been receiving many calls from worried farmers in Wexford and that he would continue to take the calls moving forward.


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