Wexford Mammy Maresa has immense gratitude towards the staff at WGH

Wexford mammy Maresa Corrigan was visiting her son Darren in the hospital on Wednesday when the alarm sounded.

In the aftermath of the days events Mrs Corrigan said looking back she can’t thank enough from the bottom of her heart all the people that helped her on the day.

Speaking to South East Radio this morning she explained that at first when the alarm went off people were just curious and looking around to see what was happening, but that it wasn’t long before you could see the panic in everyones eyes.

Maresa was with her son Darren who needs a lot of care and she wanted to stay with him even though people around her were calling for all visitors to evacuate.

She tells of her immense upset to be separated from Darren under the grave circumstances but the reassurances and the calm fashion in which all the hospital staff handled the situation gave her great comfort.

You can listen to the full interview with Maresa here


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