Wexford Mother finally gets care needed for 11 month old son

After months of tireless campaigning a Wexford mother says life will now finally get back to normal after being granted a night nurse for her 11 month old son.

Angela Mahon’s son Jacob has very complex needs, including severe stomach and heart problems. The nature of his condition meant parents Angela and Robert had to sacrifice sleep and a full night’s rest to monitor their son’s condition.

The family had met with the HSE Liaison Officer last summer and were told a care package, including a night nurse, would be in place by September. However, in early December , Angela spoke to Alan on ‘Morning Mix’ as they continued to wait for the service.  They cared for Jacob and his complex needs almost by themselves. Jacob requires 24-hour assistance. Desperate for help the family set up an online petition in which they pleaded with the HSE to provide the service it had promised

Thankfully the family will now receive a night nurse from Monday to Friday. Speaking to Alan on ‘Morning Mix’ Angela explains what this assistance will mean to the family. ” We were on pause since Jacob was born. We weren’t moving forward or backward we were constantly in and out of hospital. We were always on high alert in our home. There was no sense of safety or security for our other children. Now with the night nurse established it means Robert and I can have a rest and pour our energy into the rest of our family aswel.”

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